October Yi up blessings | Hui Zhuo exhibition 2023 annual tour group construction successfully concluded

Release Time:2023-10-23

Every autumn, Huizhuo people will organize a group to travel outside the province to see the great American rivers and mountains of the motherland. On the one hand, travel to the mountains and rivers, relieve the pressure of work for a period of time, relax the body and mind, on the other hand, in the walk to understand the cultural beauty of the motherland, increase knowledge. This year, Huizhuo's friends came to Fujian to feel the green beauty of Fujian.


On October 12, 2023, the friends of Huizhuo set off on the flight from Zhengzhou to Fujian with joy and laughter. This trip is planned to taste local special food, walk into the Pingtan Island beach, feel the breath of the sea breeze, go to Wuyi Mountain, walk between the "thousands of years of Confucianism and Buddhism", look up to Zhu Xi's hometown, climb the peak, taste the Da Hongrobe, ride the bamboo raft, enjoy the beauty, visit the residence, encounter a landscape fusion bloom.


Promise of Sea

The romance of the seaside is to embrace the waves, run freely on the beach, and what is more interesting is to catch crabs and lobsters together in Pingtan Island. In this process, the partners showed a strong collective consciousness, willing to share, help each other, happy and harmonious.

Promise of the Mountain

Embrace the sea, but also to go to the top of the mountain, this time we climbed the Wuyi Mountain Tianyou Peak, through the gap 0.3 meters wide line sky, climbed the scenery of the extremely beautiful Huxiaoyan and Jade female peak, experienced the "people in the painting" of the nine-curved stream bamboo raft. Although the mountain road twists and turns, the stream turbulent, but the small partners of Hui Zhuo firm and strong pace, help each other, cheer, let everyone feel the warm atmosphere of the big family, the harvest of beautiful scenery, but also the harvest moved.

At the same time, the friends of Huizhuo also visited three lanes and seven alleys in Fuzhou and Xiamei ancient folk houses in Wuyi Mountain, watched the process of picking and making tea, tasted the tea fragrance of "Da Hong Pao", and enjoyed the local characteristic food of Fujian. Small partners in the relaxation of the body and mind at the same time to enhance the understanding and trust between employees, but also in the process to cultivate the spirit of courage and courage to climb.