The 38th Dahe International Auto Show is being held, welcome to visit!

Release Time:2023-09-07

On September 7, the 38th Dahe International Auto Show in Autumn 2023 opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the longest held in Henan and the highest specification auto show in central China, this year's Dahe International Auto Show has brought together the top automotive technology and achievements in the global auto manufacturing industry, with nearly 1,000 models exhibiting and 80 new cars debuting in Henan. At the same time, convenient one stop car purchase, car manufacturers' price shopping, Zhengdong New District's 17 million car consumption vouchers and various forms of welfare activities have attracted many Henan consumers to come to the exhibition with friends and relatives, and the scene is very popular!


30+ brands released more than 80 new cars

On the first day of the opening, BYD, Pole Fox, Extraordinary, Zhiji, Jietu, Tank, Rui Blue, Buick, Changan Ford, Lincoln, Lynk & Co, EXEED Star Road, Pentium, Guangqi Honda, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Xiaopeng, Deep Blue, Pole Krypton, Feifan, FAW Toyota, Denza, Changan, Trumpchi, Chevrolet, Kia and other brands released more than 80 new cars at the scene. In the next few days, there will be Wei Brand and other on-site releases of new models, Henan fans should not miss.


"Zhengzhou Team" collective debut, much attention

In the auto show, BYD, Roewe, MJG, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Nissan, Qichen and other brand car companies with a number of "Zhengzhou made" cars, Chery Kaifeng base production of two new cars are also on the scene at this auto show, Henan local models in the river International Auto Show lineup is increasingly strong, Henan consumers support for local cars is also heating up.


New car involved in the price war, buy a car really discount

In the face of this rare large international auto show such as the River International Auto Show, many manufacturers have put the new car directly "discount", the new car on the market began a price war, so that the car buyers on the scene.


In order to save the majority of consumers worry about saving money to buy new cars, this auto show, not only have cash deduction, purchase tax reduction, high-value oil card, free mileage and other concessions, Zhengdong New District also issued 17 million car consumption vouchers for support, and the organizing committee in the free admission benefits, He also gave away a red envelope worth 80,000 yuan and a chance to win a lottery ticket worth 5 million yuan - the purchase of a car comes with an additional 10 yuan "scratch" lottery ticket, limited to 100 tickets a day, on a first-come, first-served basis.


In order to allow the majority of visitors to visit and enjoy themselves, there are also "Zhengzhou Night" immersive experience activities and Yu night Alley night consumption activities during the same period. In addition, in order to respond to the majority of visitors "want to see more for a while", the closing time of the auto show on Friday and Saturday will be extended to 8 p.m.