Dragon Hang DA DA New chapter, Follow the light, Yao Xincheng -- Hui Zhuo Exhibition 2024 Annual ceremony was successfully held!

Release Time:2024-01-17

In the Spring and Autumn period, everything is renewed. On January 13, Huizhuo Exhibition 2024 Annual Conference was successfully held, and all employees gathered together to summarize 2023, plan 2024, commend advanced, and award the "Create and share" bonus, encouraging all Huizhuo people who work hard to work together and play a new chapter in 2024.


First of all, Xie Jun, the founder and general manager of Huizhuo Exhibition, made the overall year-end summary and next year's development goal planning. "2023 is the year of full recovery of the exhibition industry, and also the first year of the next 15 years of Huizuo. Huizuo people, with extraordinary perseverance and tenacity, forged ahead without fear of wind and rain, and made remarkable new achievements." Mr. Xie pointed out in the report that in the face of the challenging 2024, he hopes that all Huizhuo people will calm down, innovate and keep strong, draw strength from learning, overcome difficulties in hard work, deeply cultivate industrial exhibitions, improve service quality, constantly meet customers' needs for Huizhuo products and services, and create a new chapter of high-quality development of Huizhuo.


Then, the person in charge of each business section of Huizhuo Exhibition made a summary of the project level and next year's planning. In 2023, under the guidance of the business strategy of "focusing on the exhibition industry and deepening the industry exhibition", Huizhuo Ren organized 9 self-exhibitions, involving fashion, education, technology, automobile, jewelry, agriculture, health and other fields, with an exhibition area of about 210,000 square meters, and the home operation and special equipment construction business also reached a new record performance. In addition, Huizhuo's ability to "go out" service has been enhanced, and 2023 provides customers with exhibition, event and construction services in 21 cities outside Zhengzhou.


Corporate culture construction is the core work of Huizhuo organization construction. At the annual meeting, not only the 2023 annual Evaluation Award was awarded, but also the outstanding and outstanding personnel in various positions were commended and rewarded; It also awarded the 2023 Co-creation and Sharing Award, incentivize all Huizhuo people according to the number of years, and finally presented a wonderful gala performance by itself, fully demonstrating the spirit of Huizhuo people.



Hand in hand, flying against the wind. For 2024, under the guidance of the mission of "making meetings more exciting", all Huizhuo people will not forget their original intentions, and strive to accelerate towards the vision of "the best exhibition platform builder in China".