Sales Consultant

Salary:Discuss Personally


1. Participate in the development, operation, and planning of company projects;

2. Develop new customers through various methods such as independent development and company provided customer resources;

3. Establish a complete customer profile and maintain existing customers;

4. Complete booth sales and sales performance through active communication and exhibition display;

5. Implement marketing plans and participate in marketing activities;

6. Provide pre exhibition and on-site services for the project, and assist in serving other projects.


1. College degree or above, with no restrictions on majors. Priority will be given to majors related to exhibitions and marketing;

2. Likes sales, has an affinity, is good at communicating with people, and has a positive personality;

3. Have good skills in operating office software, proficient in using computers and networks;

4. Possess enthusiasm for learning, teamwork ability, and service awareness;


Salary:Discuss Personally


1. Participate in company project development, operation, planning, and other work;

2. Collect information on domestic industry distributors and wholesalers, and contact customers to invite them to visit or participate in exhibitions;

3. Verify and update customer information in a timely manner;

4. Search and contact domestic exhibitions, organize customers to participate in exhibitions;

5. Follow up visits to customers;

6. Assist superiors in completing other tasks.


1. College degree or above, with good communication and coordination skills;

2. Proficient in using computer office software;

3. Strong communication and expression, able to establish good customer relationships;

Customer Service

Salary:Discuss Personally


1. On site promotion and audience invitation for other similar exhibitions;

2. Visiting professional markets in local cities;

3. Inviting the general audience;

4. Negotiations on cooperation between outdoor advertising, professional markets, and the general public;

5. Inviting professional audiences to form groups;

6. Have experience in community operation

7. Other tasks assigned by the leadership to serve the company's exhibition.


1. Standard Mandarin, good communication skills, listening and understanding abilities, able to endure setbacks and adapt to business trips;

2. Proficient in using Office software and network communication software;

3. College degree or above, with no major restrictions. English communication skills are preferred;

4. Priority will be given to those with experience in marketing or working in the exhibition industry.

Copywriting Planning

Salary:Discuss Personally


1. Participate in company project development, operation, planning, and other work;

2. Responsible for writing external documents and letters for company projects and leadership;

3. Responsible for writing various invitation letters, external publicity advertisements, and manuscripts for the exhibition;

4. Responsible for writing various types of copywriting, news, and soft articles required for company exhibition projects and related activities;

5. Responsible for assisting in project promotion and media resource development and maintenance, possessing certain data analysis skills;

6. Able to complete other work tasks assigned by the leader in a timely manner.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in advertising, marketing, communication, Chinese, journalism, and other related majors;

2. Excellent copywriting skills and writing abilities, with a keen insight and recognition of the industry, able to independently write proposals;

3. Proficient in using office software such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint;

4. Possess curiosity, strong learning ability in new fields, and active thinking;

5. Experience in event planning, video production, etc. is preferred.

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